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Lone Star Drift is in its 12th year of operation, hosting drift events around Texas and teaching people the art of car control.  We are currently running two drift series at the same time, the Formula Drift Proam Series, and the TXSL ( Texas Street Legal Series ).

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Texas Street Legal TXSL

A fun drift series based on cars which can be operated and enjoyed on the street as well as the track, with a rulebook which reflects the spirit of this idea.

The Lone Star Drift Series provides people with the chance to become not only better drivers, but to create awesome life long friendships with rad people.  The events are 2 days long, with a day of practice and fun, a night of partying at the track, and a day of competition.  We are a sanctioned Formula Drift ProAm series which means we give out pro licenses to advance on to their series if you wish, and the series winner each year will get a grand prize of a sponsorship package worth over $10K.


Lone Star Drift Formula D ProAm

A fun drift series made up of the best drifters and cars Texas and the surrounding states has to offer.

TXSL was specifically created not as a lower spec class of ProAm, but as something totally different.  At first glance it appears that we limited the cars simply for the sake of making the series cheaper, however, what we really did was create something totally different than ProAm. To explain, ProAm is based on cars which are pretty much full race cars at this point.  They require trucks and trailers to operate, they break all the time, and no one street drives them much.  We wanted to create a series where people enjoy their cars on a daily basis, and then take them to drift comps and have a blast in them.  The cars will be more reliable by having less things on them you can modify, they will consume less tires, they won’t require trucks and trailers, and they will have interiors.  So each rule in the rule book is designed to not just limit the cars in terms of HP or weight, but to carefully restrict things which would make the cars unreliable or uncomfortable.


Sweet stuff like Steering wheels

We make small runs of limited edition stuff for our series for un, such as these TXSL steering wheels.  They have a bit of dish, sweet suede on them, are super sturdy, and look sweet.

The purpose of the TXSL Series is to have sweet drift cars which can be enjoyed both at the track and on the street, not just limited versions of our current Lone Star Drift Formula D Proam cars.  A quality suede steering wheel is something that improves your car and gives it style with very few comprimises, and is universal enough to work on all the cars in our series, so I thought it would be great to do a small run of these.

Learn to drift

We have tons of experienced drivers that would love to help you learn!

LSD Cars

We have tons of rad cars at our events!


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