Naoto Suenaga is planning to drift at a Lone Star Drift event in 2019!!!


I normally wait to announce stuff when it is rock solid and everything is in place, plane tickets are purchased, dates are locked, etc.  But I thought this was just too much fun and silly to announce!  Naoto Suenaga from Team Orange in Japan will be coming to drift with us in 2019!!!!  I think it is mind blowing that Lone Star Drift is known world wide, and that drivers around the world have such a good relationship with us, that they view coming to LSD events like a mini vacation to hang out with rad dudes and experience drifting on the other side of the globe!  If you don’t know who Suenaga is, well he is ridiculously good at drifting, and has been around forever.  He works daily at Ebisu Circuit, and is one of those drifters with more seat time and experience than nearly anyone else involved with drifting on the planet I would assume.  I can’t back that up, I am guessing, but it probably has some merit lol!  Anyways, I am incredibly honored and excited to announce that he will be coming out to drift with us, and I assume it will be at one of our Texas Motor Speedway events, but I haven’t locked anything in yet.  I will probably put him in my RHD S13 so he has something nimble and comfortable to drive that he feels at home in.  Yokoi from MCR Factory and Tezuka from Kids Heart both had a good time in that car, and it treated them well, so we will probably go down that road.

Maybe it would also be a good time for Alexi Smith from Noriyaro to come over, I recently spent some time traveling with him in Poland and he also expressed interest in coming to drive with us, but he has a very tight schedule and a family, but maybe we could make it happen with great planning.

Anyways, that is all!  I am super excited and will keep you posted.  If anyone is curious on the backstory with all this, it simply came about because friends introduced me to him, and he was aware of Lone Star Drift already somehow, and during a conversation he said he would love to come over and hang out with us at an event.  He took me for some laps in his S13 and showed me a great time, and it was as simple as that!  He is insanely good, and I am so excited to have him on the roster to play with us next year!!!!


Here is a video Noriyaro made with him, this is his personal Ebisu missile S13, similar to Alexi’s super basic R32.  He murders in the thing though, with a huge smile on his face the whole time!!!  This track is freaking scary too lol, it is very fast and cars get destroyed on it if you screw up.  Jason Stacy ( one of our LSD drivers that goes to Japan with us ) broke his motor mounts and transmission mount out of the car hitting the barrier here and the drive train was literally just banging around not strapped down in the engine bay the impact was so hard!


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