Racer Programs

Some of our sponsors have racer programs setup, and this is the place to find out about them!

Wiring Specialties – Contact them directly as a Lone Star Drift driver that is driving in our 2019 season for 10% off.

BC Racing – Contact racerprogram@bcracing-na.com  for special Lone Star Drifter pricing if you drive in our 2019 season.

Kenda Tires – Contact our local sellers directly.

Austin contact – https://www.facebook.com/michaelvs

Houston contact – https://www.facebook.com/rudy.martinez.54738

NRG – Contact chris@getnrg.com or tyler@getnrg.com for discounts, clearly state you are a 2019 Lone Star Drift driver along with what you need, and would like a racer discount in your email so there is no confusion and you save their valuable time.

GK Tech – Their products are so inexpensive already just buy them you cheap bastards.

Whatmonstersdo.com – “EBISU” is our 20% off discount code.

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