2016 Lone Star Drift points series has come to a conclusion




TLDNR VERSION:  Lone Star Drift points series is done for the year, it was amazing, I am super proud of our drivers.  They have changed from hot headed kids with no mechanical ability into skilled mechanics with amazing driving skills, with real life problem solving skills and the ability to complete long term complex goals.

So the 2016 Lone Star Drift points series has come to an end, and man I had a lot of fun this year.  It is hard for me to detach from being an individual and writing this from the perspective of a “series”, since I associate myself as a drifter myself, and not a series.  So often my perspective of the successfulness of an individual event can often hinge on how much fun I HAD DRIVING, and not the overall success of the event itself.  I mean, I only host these things because I love drifting, that is why I started them.  I don’t think I would continue hosting them if I was not actively driving in them.

Anyways, I am just trying to give you perspective on how I think a tad.  But this last event I felt the opposite in how I view the series itself.  I felt a great sense of pride in the caliber of driving people were displaying.  Like some sort of fatherly pride.  Lone Star Drift is becoming a legitimate little racing series, and if we continue to grow we will have more caged cars at our events than SCCA events.  We have had over 100 caged cars at one of our Round 1s before.  The top 8 of our Formula D Proam comp was downright amazing.  Our guys put on such a better show than Pro 2 when they came through Texas earlier this year I was blown away.   I don’t think the drivers necessarily see it, but their overall mechanical ability in building and maintaining cars has SKYROCKETED in the last 5 years.  Their driving skill has skyrocketed, their support from teams and friends has skyrocketed, and their attitudes have gotten so much better.  For example driver Rudy Martinez and team Silhouette used to be known as hot head trouble maker kids with complete shit box cars that blew multiple motors an event, and were basically junkyard builds that didn’t last even a single day.  I don’t mean that as an insult, I just mean it as a generalization.  Then we saw one of their drivers Nacho suddenly become an exceptional driver overnight in their series, and then Rudy follow suit.  Suddenly Rudy is now a calm level headed individual in our series with a well put together and competitive car, and a fantastic driver.  We got to see him grow up during his time with us.  I could type out a similar paragraph about Fielding Shredder as well, but I will skip that and just say that he has become a positive influence at our events with a high level of mechanical ability and is a force to be reckoned with at Texas Motor Speedway.

I was always afraid that drifting was destructive to young people’s lives as they got into the sport and weren’t interested in normal career paths, college, and all that adult stuff.  However time has revealed some interesting things.  While a ton of youth just sit around and play video games or go to college and get a philosophy/vegan studies degree, drifters are learning how to problem solve complex problems, budget, weld, fabricate, tune, general mechanical stuff, etc.  I see kids learn more drifting than they would going to a UTI school, and have more fun doing it at less cost.   And even more important, I continue to make the best lifetime friends I have ever had in drifting, and have a blast doing it.  People that share a lot of the same passions as myself, and get off the damn couch and go do them.  For instance in a few weeks I will be heading back to Japan for 2 weeks of solid drifting on track, and I have about 10 friends going with me.  Some of them so passionate about what they love to do that they budget their lives around their passions, and are able to travel the world and do what they love even though they don’t make over 45K a year.  You don’t have to be rich to do ridiculously cool things and enjoy life.  Basically I am super lucky I have found such an amazing group of like minded and passionate people to share my life with.  I am super lucky that Lone Star Drift is populated by such rad people.  Thanks everyone!  Sorry this wasn’t a post about how Lone Star Drift has grown by X amount or how future partnerships are going to make us go to the moon.

Super huge congrats though to the winner of the Proam series, Harrison Johnson.  He will be going to SEMA with us to meet his new sponsors he won in our series.  Will Parsons won our TXSL Series and will be going to Japan on a drifting adventure in the spring when his work is giving him time off.  Super huge congrats to both of them!





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