2017 Lone Star Drift Series Prizes



2017 Lone Star Drift Series prize package

TXSL will remain the same for 2017, with the series winner going to Japan for a week to drift a car at Ebisu.  To redeem this the winner must:

  1.  Go to Japan for Fall Matsuri in the calendar year they won.
  2.  Travel and stay with Aaron Losey to keep traveling costs and problems low.
  3.  It is the winner’s responsibility to maintain the drift car to keep driving after it has been provided to them.  They will receive 12 tires for the trip to drive on.

Formula D Proam will have a prize pool that the winner of each round can pick from, and as each prize is removed from the pool the new winners can pick from the remaining prizes.  This prize pool is not complete yet, and can be added to or adjusted accordingly.  I wanted to update everyone on how I am approaching the prizes for the 2017 season.   The top 3 points holders at the end of the 2017 Proam season will still receive FD Pro2 licenses.


GTX Garrett Turbo

BC Racing DR Series coil overs

$1750 GKtech gift certificate

$1750 GKtech gift certificate

Spec Clutch/Flywheel package

ECU Master EMU stand alone ECU

ECU Master EMU stand alone ECU


During the final round of our series we will have a bonus prize package donated from BN Sports USA, provided by Mastermindna.com.  The prizes will be handed out to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd highest placed S-Chassis drivers!

Additional prizes for final round are:

1st.  $2000 gift certificate to BN Sports

2nd.  $1000 gift certificate to BN Sports

3rd.  $500 gift certificate to BN Sports


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