2018 TXSL Series – Winner still goes drifting in Japan, rules and banter




First off, check out the page over at http://www.lonestardrift.com/txsl/

When I formed the TXSL Series I wanted to change the face of drifting in a positive way.  I wanted to base the cars on something as reliable and simple as my Ebisu JZX100, and remove the barrier of entry for newer drivers which is so damn high in so many ways in motorsports.  If I could lower the cost in time and money to enjoy drifting, more people could enjoy it, and stick with it for a longer period of time.  I even went so far as to build my own TXSL Mustang, which was a completely stock drivetrain car all the way down to the air filter box, and man was it goofy fun.  The car would go on to do probably 1000 plus laps with only a few oil changes, beating the dirt out of the air filter, and finally a clutch.  My little heart was a flutter with good vibes from the car, and never having to do anything to it except gas it up and put tires on it.  We didn’t even pull it out of the trailer between events, which is basically my dream come true.

By the end of the 2017 season I think we have been pretty successful.  We had a great field of cars, with lots of enthusiastic drivers.  We had awesome tandem in the top brackets of the comp.  But mostly it has reduced the cost of many of the competitors to the point that even the Proam dudes are getting jealous.  David Mesker is switching over to TXSL, as well as a few other Proam guys.  And the TXSL drivers are more competent at harder tracks like Texas Motor Speedway than I ever would have hoped.  The finals this year at TMS for TXSL were AMAZING.  Patrick and Nick really put on a show.  Moving on to 2018 we will see some new chassis enter the field, such as the Corvette.  I hope to push the concept of TXSL a bit further this year by showing just how damn aggressively a simple TXSL Corvette can be, and how far the series can go.  I am excited to see how these change the TXSL concept, as these cars are probably competitive even in Proam in TXSL trim.  Oh, and we slightly changed the rules to allow for transmission swaps.

I just realized I am writing this from my perspective, and I really shouldn’t.  TXSL is all about the guys like Nick Bierman and Patrick Carson, and their adventures in the series.  You can see them throughout our Lone Star Drift youtube series, and you can follow them soon through their adventures through Japan.  Nick won this year and for his prize he spent 3 weeks in Japan with me, and drove for a full 7 days on track in a Silvia at Ebisu Circuit, the coolest place for drifting on earth.  God I wish this place was in Texas lol.  But above all, Patrick and Nick got to be heroes to us all on track in their own class of cars.  They got to shine.

And as a thank you for all the hard work and excitement that the drivers in TXSL have provided us with, we are going to continue the TXSL grand prize into 2018.  Here are the details of the trip copy pasted for you:

This series has the coolest prize package!  The winner of the 2018 TXSL Series will be taken to Japan for a rad drifting trip to try out Aaron’s JZX100.  Prize package includes:

  1. Plane ticket to Japan ( and maybe back ).
  2. A spot in the rental car and sleeping accommodations.
  3. 4 days of drifting on track at Ebisu in Aaron’s JZX100.
  4. Track fees, tires, fuel will all be included.

The trip will take roughly a week, which will be on Lone Star Drift’s dime.  If you would like to stay in Japan longer to explore, be at the track, or do anything else you can at your own expense.  You are responsible for the drift car as long as you are in it.  If you damage the car you must repair it to continue driving.  You are not financially liable for damage done to the car, but if you do not fix it, your driving comes to an end!  You must drift the car within your limits, and be respectful of the car as well.  If you are found purposefully damaging it outside of the normal boundaries of drifting, it will be taken away from you.  Over the course of multiple trips to Japan with TXSL winners, this has not been a problem, and both previous drivers had about a week of happy track time and hundreds of laps of fun.  

Here is a video below if you don’t know what our Japan adventures look like.



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