Formula Drift Pro Am

Lone Star Drift Formula Drift ProAm Series…  Whew, that is a long title!!!!



Amazing drifting throughout the great state of drifting, in the form of a points series, with amazing drivers and cars.  The winners can move onto Formula Drift, there are more than 12K in sponsored parts for the winner, and all kinds of cool stuff.  Events are two days long with parties on Saturday night with free booze for everyone there over 21, and some have camping overnight at the track.  It is pretty damn awesome.  Bring a helmet and ride in the cars!

Rule book:

1.  Engines and transmissions:  Open, have fun.  Keep it simple though or you will go broke lol.

2.  Chassis:  Open with a few exceptions.  We have the right to refuse any chassis we feel is not safe, a nuisance to the event, or for any other reason.  No trucks, no dune buggies, bicycles.

3.  Tires:  Open, have fun, don’t go broke.

4.  Safety Equipment:  Full weld in roll cage that adheres to the 2012 Formula D or newer rule book, anti intrusion bars are not required.  Please see below for the link.  5 point or greater harness properly attached to a harness bar in your cage, no where else.  Small fire extinguisher mounted inside the car within reach of the driver.  SA2005 or greater helmet.

5.  Tire to weight rule:  LOL, nope.

6.  All body panels must be on for the first round of our series you compete in, and the car must be presentable.

7.  Your car must adhere to a reasonable sound limit, and sound quality from the exhaust.  For example, no KA24 straight pipe or open header cars without a muffler.  A turbo car without a muffler is acceptable, as the turbo muffles the sound of the motor.

8.  Your car may not leak on the track, if it leaks, it can be sent back to the pits until it is fixed with no refund to the driver fee.

9.  Drivers must maintain themselves, their crew, and their friends in a sportsman like manner.  Yelling, screaming, pitching a fit, threatening another driver or anyone else will not be allowed.  You will not conduct yourself like this is a circle track or drag racing event.  We have fun, and want a friendly atmosphere.

10.  No drinking and driving.

11.  You must be at the competition drivers meeting for your series the day of the event.  If you are not there without special permission to miss the meeting, you will not be in the competition brackets and you will not drive in the competition.  It is your responsibility to get placed into the brackets before the competition actually begins eliminations.  If for whatever reason you are in the brackets and your car breaks, you must arrive to the line in a tech inspected competition car to collect that rounds points.  If you do not arrive to the line you will receive no points.  After your first lap of competition in the brackets you may not change cars.

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