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WHAT IS LONE STAR BASH?  Lone Star Bash is an event that is meant to be the largest single party type drift event in our region.  The one date everyone knows to get together and have an awesome weekend of laid back drifting, camping, a party, and friends.  No competitions, no fuss.  This is where the famous 15 + Texas tandem trains were born, where we get ridiculous amounts of people to go tandem together for a spectacle.  This is where Texas drifting got it’s flavor and image across the rest of the world.  It is my favorite event of the year.


I can’t believe 2016 Lone Star Bash is already here!  Earlier today I was curious about how many years we have been doing the bash, and I couldn’t actually pin it down.  We are closing in on the 10 year mark I think.  We were hosting D1GP licensing events to qualify drivers for D1GP USA back in the 2008-2009 time period, and LSB was already a thing before that, so I think we might be right around the 10 year mark now, and the overall 13 year mark for Lone Star Drift events in general.  Pretty neat!

So a quick history of Lone Star Bash.  There was an event called All Star Bash back in the day, and it was the coolest drift event in the USA on the grass roots scene.  It took place in Cali though, which was too far for average Texans to make it to.  We wanted an event placed on the calendar that everyone knew was the date to come together, and we needed a way to signify that.  Why is that important?  Because it creates a sense of community, and it makes for rad tandem.  After all, if rad people aren’t at the same event as you, you end up without rad tandem, and at that point I would quit drifting.  I wouldn’t bother going to events without rad tandem, it would be boring.  Back on subject, the most simple way we could come up with was to name it the Lone Star Bash.  That signified everything we needed in simplest way possible.  It told people this was a Texas thing, it was a Bash which was a big event, and it leveraged something that was cool that people loved and created a national series of fun events.  Quickly there was an East Coast Bash, No Coast Bash, and a few others linking the theme across the nation.  If you wanted to drive across the country to sample a regions best grass roots event, that is all you had to aim for, a Bash.

That simple creation of the name actually predates the name of the Lone Star Drift Series as well, that name did not exist before the Bash.  The events went by the name Fabricated Motorsports, and they were just practice events.  But I wanted a better grass roots and local name than FM, so we went with Lone Star.

Back to the Bash though.  In the early years of the Bash it was the biggest drift event in the region, and it was the premiere grass roots drift event to go to.  If you went to the bash, you would be sure to see the best, rowdiest drifters from across our region and beyond having a blast.  It has been highlighted by the most hilarious 20 car tandem trains.  And has been known for people getting really drunk and peeing on themselves while passed out.  People have asked me about the event from as far as Japan and Australia when I am there, so it is well known enough that globally people in the drift scene have heard of it.


One of the cool things about the Bash is it is what everyone makes of it.  If we have huge attendance with beautiful show car drift cars, that is what it appears to be.  If one year we have a bunch of Proam cars with all their body panels taken off, the Bash looks like it is a gathering of crazy naked dune buggies bouncing off each other ( I actually thought that looks rad when it happens, because it is so different and has a different flavor than our normal events ).  Mostly the Bash appears to be Texans having a blast in drift cars that are about to be put away for 5 months, with the last of their scrubs from the LSD Series.  So the cars are rough looking tandem machines that have been put through hell all year.  I love this.  I don’t feel so bad running into these cars lol, so tandem is better than Round 1 of our series where all the cars are fresh and pretty and no one wants to mark them up too quickly.  But the Bash is a sign of the times and represents drifting in our region in general.  It is a great way to meet life long friends, have a great time, and enjoy cars in an amazing setting.  I can’t wait to see what The Bash will look like in another 5-10 years.  As long as it is populated by dudes that love cars and have a great attitude and love drifting, I think it will be successful.  The style of the cars, the HP levels, how fast the cars are, none of that matters.

PS.  I was trying to figure out which car has made it to the most Bashes, and I think it is Fielding’s car.  My S13 has probably made it to 6-7 of them, but a couple years I took the Memorial Missile, so my S13 is probably loosing out to the Shreddermobile below!




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