Lone Star Drift releases five-hour documentary on drifting in Japan!





Lone Star Drift releases five-hour documentary on drifting in Japan!

The Texas based grass roots drifting organization, Lone Star Drift has released a new movie about drifting in Japan! This five-hour long video follows Aaron Losey and friends as they travel to explore Japanese car culture.

These foreigners “Gaijin” find their way to the homeland of drifting at Ebisu Circuit where they play bumper cars with awesome rear wheel drive JDM turbo cars (which were never available in the U.S.A. market). This video has nothing to do with competition or serious racing, but everything to do with friendships, amazing people and grass roots drift culture.

Driven by passion and love for the sport, foreigners travel from across the world to see this amazing location and to be part of “Drift Matsuri” or drift festival. Those who make the journey find themselves surrounded by passionate and like minded people who are among the very best in the world at what they do.

In this video Aaron Losey and friends such as professional Formula D driver Chelsea Denofa play in turbo sedans like giddy children having the time of their life. Watch them jump their cars and drive with complete reckless abandon – at break neck speeds – on super dangerous tracks – inches from each other, in a way that no U.S.A. track would dare to replicate.

Another interesting aspect of this trip is the length, which spans two weeks at a single race circuit, (something which is typically unheard of).  To have access to such an amazing facility for so long in the U.S.A. would be unspeakably expensive, but this location in Japan is unique in the way it operates. It is relatively inexpensive and open to drifters, who can store their cars year round and simply fly in to collect them and drive at the track like a country club. Ebisu is an amazing complex consisting of half a dozen tracks which replicate dangerous mountain roads and larger more easily recognizable race track configurations.

Please enjoy this video and share it with your friends and followers, we think they will find it insightful and entertaining.  It’s an experience which even to the hardcore car enthusiast is pure. It’s raw like a VHS skate board video from the 90’s!

Watch the full five-hour video on YouTube, “Aaron drifts the wheels off his car in Japan” https://youtu.be/aF81RpnBUQI
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