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So for 2017 we have a new series competitor, someone that has been around for awhile with Lone Star Drift, but is now jumping in with both feet and will be competing for a whole season!  Please meet Brittany Bowling, car girl extorodanaire.  When I first met her years ago she was really, REALLY into her 2001 Jetta show car.  I don’t know anything about show cars, and have no interest in learning, so that is all that I can write about on that subject.  Fast forward through some DM sliding and she is now engaged to a good friend of mine, Kevin Williams.  They co-own and operate this car, but no one cares about Kevin or wants to read about him, so we will just ignore the fact that he will be operating this car in Formula D Proam while she operates the car during the same weekends as a TXSL car.

Ok, back on track.  Brittany was one of those rare individuals that listens to me when I tell them to buy a 2007-2008 350Z if they want to drift.  And I am happy to say she even did better than that, and bought a caged finished HR 350z that was already competing in our series!  Right off the bat she didn’t have to build a car, which saved her literally a year in her drifting career.  She also saved all the time and money maintaining it since it literally doesn’t even come off the trailer between events!  This allows her to focus on learning how to drift and having fun, without getting to dirty.  Knowing the car has been piloted already to multiple wins in TXSL is a really great because she doesn’t have to worry about the car, she can just concentrate on building her skill as a driver.  That might sound kind of weird, but I would say most of us as car people constantly want to modify and change our cars, and they rarely stay the same.  This complicates things and slows us down in our learning process of drifting.  This car on the other hand has seen no significant changes in almost 3 years other than a new vinyl wrap.  It has been running on the same Kenda tires in the back, the same motor setup with no changes, the same suspension, the same everything.  The oil gets changed once a season and fuel is added as needed, just like a lawn mower.  And I think they swapped out a fender if that counts as changing something.

The secret sauce of this specific generation 350Z is that the HR (2007-2008) motor makes great power with a few simple things like an exhaust, intake, and tune, and then there is no other cost effective power adder that you can do.  So you stop.  But you stop with a 8000 RPM redline and 300 whp, which is amazing since it is DEAD RELIABLE.  And as a series organizer that is amazing because it allows us to retain drivers for long periods of time without them taking the car apart and never being seen again.  Plus, they have the time available to have a life, have a career, and still have other hobbies.  Not that she has other hobbies, her life is basically just cars and deleting DM’s.

So as I close this little blog post, Brittany and whatever that guys name will be double driving this car at Round 1 of Lone Star Drift down in Houston on march 25-26.  They will be competing in both Proam and TXSL all season, and I am really excited to see a two people share a passion for drifting together.  Drifting is all about awesome friends and fun, and I guess cool cars.  Make sure to go meet them in the pits and say hi!

Here is the link to Round 1!!!


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