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So I thought it would be fun to highlight some things for the upcoming season of Lone Star Drift.  I often forget we have a fan base that might not be as familiar with everything as myself, so in an effort to pull the curtain back a bit, I am going to do some blog posts for fun.  It won’t take me nearly as much time as full youtube videos, although I am trying to get some more of those done soon!  So here is the first one, Cagle Johnson!  I had him write a bit about himself so I could share it with you, which I included below.  To supplement that a bit, I would like to add that he has been around Lone star Drift for a really long time.  He is one of the people I have pushed towards the HR 350Z platform, and I am really excited that he went that route for his drift car.  In fact, this 350Z was actually piloted extremely successfully in our series in the past by Mario Gomez out of Austin, TX.  It has taken a first place win in Proam before, and almost took the series win away from Josh McGuire back in 2014 ( I think it was 2014 ).  So purchasing a turnkey platform like this that is proven and extremely capable and reliable is not only a smart move, but a cost effective move for getting into the Lone Star Drift Series.  Also, the fact that this chassis can move between TXSL and Formula D Proam and be competitive in either ( although this car currently would need some changes to run TXSL ) is mind blowing.  This car is capable at any of our track layouts of taking down LS7 and 2JZ monsters!  Alright, I will quit babbling, below is a little introduction from Cagle about himself!

HERE IS A LINK TO ROUND 1 so you can come out and watch him and others compete!



So a little about me. My name is Cagle Johnson, I’m 25 and I plan to compete in the Lone Star Drift Pro-Am series. When I was younger I played competitive paintball, traveling the country to shot at people. I still play for fun as the game is like chess and makes you think creatively how to win when the cards are stacked against you. I’ve always been into extreme action sports, and drifting is a continuation of that interest. Before I started driving, I was a media guy on the sidelines. I travelled with Nate Hamilton, Fielding Shredder, Josh McGuire, Will Parsons and many other Texas drivers seeing what goes on behind the scenes and documenting these journeys for them. Everyone who had me along has helped me to understand every aspect of this sport from driving and team management, to marketing and working with sponsors. Combining that with my prior work experience in marketing and advertising, I feel like I will be able to run a solid program that will make Texas proud.


So jumping back into my voice to finish this off, I am going to state a few things about the car.

1.  The car runs a stock HR VQ motor, with mild bolt ons which include larger injectors, headers, intakes, and a few other small items.  The car most likely makes between 300-320 WHP, which is a really nice amount for a 350Z in our series.  Anything over about 350 WHP in our series is not completely necessary and makes the cars more prone to breakage and more expensive to operate.

2.  This car has been to literally dozens of our Lone Star Drift events, and I don’t think I have ever seen it have a mechanical breakage.  Compare that to a lot of the other cars out there, including my S13 which has destroyed tens of thousands of dollars in engine parts over the years, and that is mind blowing.  Over the course of the last five years, this total price of this car has been cheaper to operate than an S13!!!!!   That kind of makes me want to vomit lol!

3.  Operating a naturally aspirated drift car like this with such a stock motor comes with a very odd perk that also is double edged for a lot of drifters such as myself.  The good side of the blade is you cannot really modify the engine in any way inexpensively to make any additional HP ( nitrous excluded ) so you might as well not even try.  That is what makes the car so reliable, as factory Nissan parts assembled by Nissan are extremely unlikely to fail.  Aftermarket parts installed by the aftermarket have astronomically higher failure rates.  The bad side of the blade is people like myself get bored of the car as it never changes and we cannot buy cool turbo parts for it, but I am slowly starting to get over that and give into the dark side of modern cars.  Just give me something that runs and I will figure it out, I just don’t want the thing to break.

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I just realized this car is also in my profile picture on FB lol!  Here are a couple pictures of the car from in the past when Mario Gomez was piloting it.

10256030_667380879964342_8334312273853315599_o 1094751_10151488346935957_814470217_o1614080_643300595705704_2122291443_o


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