One of the new TXSL drivers, Adolfo Aviles


So we have a whole host of new Lone Star Drift drivers this year, thanks to TXSL series.  This is super exciting to me, and I wanted to see how they are getting along prepping for the season.  So I contacted Adolfo Aviles and asked him to write me up a little something.  Below is what he sent me.

Adolfo Aviles:
Soooooo within 2014 I drove at a few small events & most of the Lonestar events & was learning the whole drifting thing & having tons of fun with the support of all my friends & family, towards the end of the season I started having more interest in competing. I had my cage done over at Smoke Em’ Motorsports with Ryan & Carl. Right after the Txsl trial event, I wanted a tad more power to be able to keep up with the other Txsl cars. I got a great deal on a full Mazdaspeed Miata turbo setup ( this setup is legal in the TXSL series because it came from Mazda ) so I was able to get my hands on it & save it for the offseason. I planned on going to the ccm demo event & but a few days I went street drifting with a few friends & ended up wrecking the car & destroying the subframe & oil pan. ( Don’t street drift guys )  I wasn’t able to make the demo so I started ripping apart the car & getting it ready to fix everything & slap the turbo stuff on. The plan was to have everything in & have the car somewhat running in about a two week period. Well those 2 weeks ended up turning in about 3 months of me getting all the last bits done & finding a subframe.  With me being in high school I don’t have much time to work so it takes a bit to save up for parts & what not. Within the time I’ve had my buddy Brett help fab some stuff for me to help complete the process, as of now everything is done motor wise & is being dropped in with the help of my dad & older brother. By next weekend the car should be running & going back to Brett to have the ic piping welded up & the last few touches done. With this setup I should be in the 180-190 hp range which will be awesome compared to the original 100hp of fury, I’ll be looking forward to competing in the 2015 Txsl series & seeing what I’m capable of doing. Just a quick go over on the car it’s a 99′ Miata with Danny George knuckles, a beefed up msm stock setup, bc coilovers, full 6 point cage with door bars, semi tubed front end & some sparco sprint seats with a few other odds & ends! I can’t wait to have this thing done & ripping it out there on the track!


So there you have it, one man’s attempt at getting his car together for a shot at TXSL!  I am excited for him to join our series!  You can find him over at on Facebook if you want to be his friend, or just say hi to him at the next event.  Enjoy some pictures of his build : )



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