Round 5 of Lone Star Drift is coming, why should you care?


Round 5 has a few things going for it.

  1.  It is our pinball event!  No track layout, super wacky concept, Formula D Proam comp as well as TXSL comp!  What does that mean?  Well, I had a youtube video of it all but the song rights changed and the audio got striped from it.  Basically I had an idea to do an event where there is no set course layout, but there are various paths through a track with barriers.  These paths benefit certain types of cars depending on what they are.  For instance a bigger V8 car could easily link the larger sections and screw a Miata with no power by purposefully navigating the track in a certain way in tandem.  The Miata could do the opposite, taking a larger car through really tight sections that the larger car literally doesn’t fit.  The speeds are slower than a normal track layout, and the skill set to navigate the track and set the car up for it are different.  Too much grip will blow axles and differentials.  Can’t use a hand brake as well as another driver?  Good luck.
  2. Mustang Battle.  We will be having the first ever, I assume, Mustang only drift battle.  I am excited to see Mustangs finally get used in drifting in the grass roots scene here in Texas.  We have had a few, but they have really come into their own in the past year.  I constantly tell people they are the JZX100 of USA drift cars.  They need almost nothing except suspension to be cool grass roots drift cars.  Mine is a completely stock driveline from the engine, to the clutch, to the diff.  It still has the factory air filter box.  This is a new era for drifting for people like myself that hate working on cars!19264640_10154497900875957_9190057172500509086_o
  3. Youtubers unite!  Adam LZ is bringing his cream colored S13 down to play with us.  Anytime Adam goes somewhere, there is sure to be a small army of you tubers trolling for subscribers, so there should be plenty of media dudes running around.  I still can’t get over the fact Adam has almost 2 million subscribers, that makes him bigger than a lot of TV shows.   lz-drift-1-1074-533x400-740x480
  4. Stewy Bryant is coming, from InertiaMS.  The man that made missile cars famous.  I am serious about that one, no one really did missile cars until they saw Stewy obliterating R32 out in Japan.  And now they are everywhere, and people think they are cool.  Some people.  Anyways, Stewy was very influential in the drift scene through popular early youtube videos of his drifting exploits.  He used the medium very well to influence the world wide scene.



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