TXSL Prize package has been changed significantly!


txslprizeAt the end of last season I thought it would be fun to send more people to Japan for the TXSL prize package.  The thought process was to send 1st-3rd place over there, but then I figured that wasn’t exciting enough, so we axed the 2nd and 3rd place trips to Japan, and I leveraged my connections with D1GP drivers to come up with something far cooler.  I always try and make the prizes as epic as possible.

So for the winner of the 2016 TXSL series, they will get to make a choice when they win the series.

1.  A prize package that includes 1 plane ticket to Japan, and a D1SL experience where they get to compete in a single round of D1SL in a prepped car during the 2017 season at Ebisu on the Minami track.  That is the famous jump track at Ebisu!  A small disclaimer, while D1SL has agreed to give us a D1SL license for the winner of the TXSL Series, they reserve the right to refuse anyone to the series.  Our buddy Yokoi is in charge of all this for us with his connections with D1SL, so we have to keep him impressed with your ability to not embarrass us.  Don’t embarrass us.

2.  Plan B is even more exciting in my mind, but I know Plan A gets people super fired up, so I wanted to give people a couple choices.  Plan B is a plane ticket to Japan, and a car waiting for your drifting fun at Ebisu for an entire week, along with 20 tires to destroy!

Both of these prize packages should be enough to get any drifter fired up, as Ebisu is mind blowing.  Tons of tracks all in one location, drifting 7 days a week, no one cares if you smash things up, and there are rad people everywhere to tandem with.


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