TXSL ( Texas Street Legal ) prizes heat up for 2016, you won’t believe how many…


So about a year ago we set the drifting grass roots internet on fire with the announcement of Lone Star Drift’s new TXSL series.  People loved the idea of the series because they thought we finally were stiff arming all the rich kids with daddy’s credit card so they could compete with their crap boxes, not realizes what I was really trying to accomplish.  I wasn’t trying to equalize the field so that poor people could compete in drifting, I was trying to make everyone’s cars simple and reliable and fun.  So first, lets review.  Grass roots Formula D Proam cars are sweet, I love them, I have a bunch of them.  People now make 600 whp in 2500 lb cars so they can do burnouts while going sideways.  Sweet.  I provide a cool package of lots of sponsored parts and a trip to Vegas for SEMA and introductions to sponsors as part of the whole thing, people dig it, and we have a TON of people driving Lone Star Drift Proam this season.  However, these cars can be temperamental, way too hard on tires, blow up a ton, require trucks and trailers, mountains of money, and tons of time and frustration.  Drifting is about fun, and each of those things I just stated can suck the fun right out of what we love.  We didn’t get into sweet drift cars because we wanted to go trailer shopping, fix trailers, buy trailer tires, fix trailer bearings.  We didn’t get into sweet turbo kits so we could spend our days thinking about the price difference spread out over 5 years on the difference between a gas or diesel tow rig.  We got into cars because we love cars damnit it!

So in that vein of thinking, I created a series where the modifications to the cars were very limited.  This wasn’t to make the competition more equal, but instead to keep the cars from blowing up and requiring work.  That is basically all the rulebook should have to say, but these are racers, so it has to say more.  It should instead say lets go have fun driving our cars and not modifying them, but whatever.  Anyways, TXSL has grown very rapidly, and I love it.  I really want to put a E46 M3 together for 2016 for myself, but I have 5 caged drift cars at the moment, and probably shouldn’t buy another.

Anyways, this is a lot of writing to get to the point.  The point being TXSL is going well, but I want it to grow by about 50% next season.  To do so I am going to revamp the prize structure, which this year included a trip to Japan for the winner of said series.  In an effort to create more camaraderie, make people even more excited to participate next season, I am upping the ante.


1st place will get a plane ticket to Japan plus $1500 cash to have fun there.

2nd place will get a plane ticket to Japan

3rd place will get a plane ticket to Japan


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