2015 Lone Star Drift TXSL Series


Welcome to a new concept for Texas drifting, an affordable series, which encourages people without trucks and trailers, or the ability to own a dedicated stripped out caged race car to come out and enjoy competitive drifting with their friends.  Tandem will be fun and exciting with cars that are roughly the same speed, cheap to operate, sustainable from the perspective of operating a drift car over the course of a season of driving.  Remember this, THE RULE BOOK IS WRITTEN NOT TO CREATE A MORE LEVEL PLAYING FIELD FOR COMPETITION, BUT TO ALLOW DRIVERS TO OPERATE  FUN DUAL PURPOSE CARS THAT ARE RELIABLE, STREETABLE, AND DON’T REQUIRE TRUCKS AND TRAILERS.


The rule book is setup to encourage the careful purchase of a car that fits the rules, will be fun to own and drift, with as little maintenance and cost to modify as possible.  Cars such as E36M3 are now roughly 3-5K for a manual transmission car without major issues, and red top S13 are in the same price range.  The goal is that a car with the addition of a few suspension mods, knuckles, racing seat, and a simple cage a 5K dollar will be capable of winning the series.  But realistically, everyone should buy a 2008 350Z, as it is literally the best car you could own for this series.


1.  Cars must be full interior, or within 90% of it.

2.  AC Systems are recommended, as they make the cars better street cars, and we want you to enjoy the cars on the street.

3.  Suspension is open within reason.  Coil overs, modified knuckles, all these things are fine.  Changing subframes and engineering crazy stuff is not.

4.  Fenders may be modified or replaced.

5.  All cars must run Kenda tires as a way to keep costs lower for all other teams.  You may petition to run a different tire if Kenda does not make a tire small enough for your vehicle, such as a first gen miata but not a 240sx.

6.   Glass may not be replaced with lexan.  Cars must retain their head lights.

7.  Hydro e brakes are not recommended for the series, it is recommended you make your stock e brake setup work.  A well maintained cable e brake setup works fantastic in most cars, and is cheaper than a Hydro.

8.  Bolt in or weld in cages are mandatory, but must have door bars on both sides.  Cages must be full cages with front down bars, rear down bars, and main hoop.  Cusco style bolt in cages are acceptable.  Tech inspector may use his discretion when approving cages and design, and if you have any questions please contact Aaron Losey on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/aaron.losey.7  However, full weld in Proam spec cages are preferred as they are safer and you can one day drive the car in Proam if you wish.

9.  Stock seat belts are acceptable, and if you have harnesses, you MUST have a proper harness bar built into the cage.  Harnesses that connect anywhere but a proper harness bar are not allowed.

10.  Drivers competing in the Lone Star Drift Formula D Proam series can only compete in TXSL at the same event if they pay double entry fee.  This is a deterrent from keeping people from competing in both series unless they are very serious about doing so.  The car must conform to both rule books if they wish to drive in both series.

11.  You must be at the competition drivers meeting for your series the day of the event.  If you are not there without special permission to miss the meeting, you will not be in the competition brackets and you will not drive in the competition.  It is your responsibility to get placed into the brackets before the competition actually begins eliminations.  If for whatever reason you are in the brackets and your car breaks, you must arrive to the line in a tech inspected competition car to collect that rounds points.  If you do not arrive to the line you will receive no points.  After your first lap of competition in the brackets you may not change cars.

Engine Regulations.

a.  Cars must retain the stock engine and stock injectors unless otherwise allowed, but ecu and reflash are open.

b.  Cars must have a muffler.  Turbo’s count as a muffler.

c.  Turbo cars may not have a larger turbo than comes equipped on the motor stock, they may not change the wheel to an aftermarket wheel, or modify the turbo internally for more power.

d.  Transmissions must belong behind the motor being used from the factory.

e.  We will not be monitoring boost.

f.  Pump 93 octane only.

g.  Allowed motor swaps are:

1.  240sx may have any generation SR20DET that came in JDM models or KA24 motors in the USDM models.  KA24 motors are allowed stock SR20DET injectors and turbo to be installed.

2.  IS300 and SC300 may have JDM market 1JZ motors.

3.  2nd gen Miata may have the mazda speed turbo kits installed, no engine swaps are permitted.

4.  AE86 may have a 2.0 liter NA motor swap, with stock injectors.  For example, a BEAMS motor or a s2000 2.0 would be acceptable.



Cars which we suggest you use:

350Z HR


E36-E46 BMW

IS300, SC300



Yes we realize some of these cars are going to be a bit more competitive than others, so choose accordingly.  We do believe they are all close enough that we won’t have to worry about one car being overly competitive over the others.


Petitioning to allow a car past a particular rule is possible, but this rule is mostly suited to cars which already exist and are built, not so you can attempt to build a car to take advantage of stretching the rules.  This would include an RB20DET S-Chassis, as this would not create a more competitive car than a SR20DET S-Chassis.  Swaps of this nature will be allowed if given permission to run them.



Amendment March 20, 2017

Hot off the presses is a 2017 TXSL rule change!

We are now allowing very specific modern chassis in TXSL without cages in our parking lot events.  We feel that these chassis are designed for impacts well and are strong enough to survive impacts in tandem drifting.  Announcements on our road course events will come soon.  These vehicles must retain FACTORY impact bars front and rear, as well as FACTORY door bars.  No convertibles are eligible.  Drivers must be able to drift competently or they will not be allowed to exercise this rule to tandem and compete.  The drivers MUST BE driving in TXSL to be eligible for this!


The current list of cars includes:

2003 and newer Nissan/Infinity chassis

2003 and newer BMW chassis

2005 and newer Ford Mustang


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